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Timeless Boys Name : Alexander Meaning: Protector of men. Origin: Greek

Alternatives: Alasdair (Scottish), Alastair (Scottish), Alejandro (Spanish), Alekos (Greek), Aleksandr (Russian), Alessandro (Italian), Alexandre (French), Alexei (Russian), Alexio (Portuguese), Alexis, Alexius, Alistair (Scottish), Alister, Allister (Scottish), Alsand

Nicknames: Alex, Alik, Alix, Lex, Sacha (French), Sandie, Sandor (Hungarian), Sandy, Sascha (German), Sasha (Russian), Zander.

Timeless Girls Name : Sophie Meaning: Wisdom. Origin: Greek

Alternatives: Saffi (Danish), Sofi (Greek), Sofia (Norwegian, Swedish), Sofie (Danish, Dutch), Sofya (Russian), Sonia, Sonja (Scandinavian), Sonje (Scandinavian), Sonya (Russian), Sophie, Sophy, Zofia (Polish), Zofie (Czech), Zosia (Polish).

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